July 21, 2024

Maintain Your Access Control Security System With These 10 Tips And Tricks!

Getting a door access system in Singapore or other security forms can be the most significant investment for your property. It can serve practical purposes, whether in residential or commercial settings. However, like any other devices, risks of wear and tear are also highly likely with these security systems.

Follow these ten tips and tricks to help you properly maintain your access control security system!

01. Keep software up to date

One way to maintain the optimal functionality of your access control system in Singapore is to keep its software and firmware up to date. Doing so can help patch any security vulnerabilities.

02. Regularly check and update user permissions

Regularly update your software, review your user permissions, and remove access control security system to those who have left the company, unauthorised personnel who should not be in restricted areas, or switched roles.

03. Conduct regular system audits

Use your access control management system for regular audit conduction, identifying unauthorised access attempts, unusual activities, or potential security breaches.

04. Use strong passwords and change them regularly

To maintain your access control system in Singapore at its peak performance and prevent unauthorised access to the system simultaneously, use strong, unique passwords for all system accounts.

05. Use multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) adds an additional layer of security to your access control management system. MFA requires users to provide at least two or more forms of identification before their access gets granted by the central system, which can be a password, security token, fingerprint, or facial recognition.

06. Implement security best practices

Implement the best practices for an access control security system, such as the usage of encryption, firewalls, malware, and intrusion detection systems.

07. Schedule regular maintenance

To help ensure your access control management system is functioning correctly, schedule regular maintenance with an expert or the supplier. These professionals can help identify any issues and resolve them in a timely manner.

08. Test the system regularly

Regularly testing your access control system in Singapore can also help ensure your investments are running smoothly and correctly. On top of that, it can check if all security measures are in place.

09. Keep physical access control devices in good condition

For a physical access control security system, such as door locks, keypads, or card readers, do regular maintenance check-ups to ensure they are working well.

10. Train employees on security protocols

Regularly train employees on security protocols and procedures with your access control security system to ensure they understand and know how to use it correctly.

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