June 17, 2024

Easy Guide to Understanding IP Lookup Tools in 2023

What Is an IP Lookup Tool?

An IP lookup tool is like a detective for the internet. It helps us learn more about a person using their IP address. Think of it as putting together a puzzle; we start with one piece of information (the IP address) and gather more details to get a better picture. Know more about IP details lookup

Why Use an IP Check?

People use IP lookup tools for different reasons. Some use them to investigate online activities, while others want to avoid dealing with fraudsters. Technical teams also use them for managing systems and researching security.

What Information Can You Get from an IP Lookup Tool?

These tools provide various types of information, such as checking if an IP address is valid, finding out if it’s on lists of spammy or dangerous addresses, and determining the location of the person using it.

How to Do an IP Lookup?

There are two ways to do an IP lookup:

  1. Manual Check: You identify the IP address and run the code yourself or use online tools for single checks.
  2. Third-Party Services: These are online services that allow you to run multiple checks at once. Some are paid, and they let you import lists of IPs or connect via APIs.

Best IP Lookup Tools in 2023

Here are some of the top IP lookup tools in 2023:

1. SEON – IP Intelligence in the Fight Against Fraud:

– Pros: Gives a lot of information, flexible pricing.

– Cons: Might be too advanced for basic checks.

– Pricing: Begins at $299 per month.

2. IPLocation.io – IP Lookup Tool One-Stop-Shop:

– Pros: Many free tools available.

– Cons: You can check one IP at a time, and there’s no API for batch processing.

– Pricing: Free.

3. MaxMind – GeoIP Databases and Fraud Prevention:

– Pros: Excellent for finding the location, flexible pricing.

– Cons: Might be a bit confusing with different products.

– Pricing: Various plans, including a free Lite version.

4. IPQualityScore – Detect Suspicious Tools and Check Blacklists:

– Pros: Has many tools, and you can get some for free.

– Cons: Pricing might be a bit confusing.

– Pricing: Provides both a free option and paid subscription plans.

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5. MxToolBox – Multi-Tool Website Covering Several Needs:

– Pros: Several free tools available.

– Cons: The look might seem a bit old-fashioned.

– Pricing: Free with some limitations, paid plans start from $129 monthly.

6. Scamalytics – Fighting Romance and Dating Fraud with IP Intel

– Pros: Provides readable scores and has an API.

– Cons: The website hasn’t been updated for a while.

– Pricing: Free for manual searches, API pricing starts from $25.

7. AbuseIPDB – Crowdsourced Suspicious IP Lists:

– Pros: Connects with many tools, provides extra info.

– Cons: Relies on user reports.

– Pricing: Offers a free API.