June 17, 2024

ADU Accessories You Must Have

Los Angeles, Mar Vista, California-Feb. 4, 2022-This two-story 650 square-foot Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) in Mar Vista designed by architect Isabelle Duvivier features a private entrance, patio and garden that brings the outdoors in without sacrificing privacy. The double height living room has 18 foot ceilings which makes the tiny space feel really spacious. There are raised windows (to maximize privacy/ light) in every room that look on to the trees and X- large French doors going out to a private garden and outdoor eating space. Kitchen is Ikea, with tiny appliances, 24 inch oven, sink, etc. Upstairs there are two small rooms, one with a half wall looking down on the living area, and the other full enclosed. Isabelle Duvivier designed the ADU for her sister Chantal de Renesse who rents it out as an AirBnb to supplement her income. (Carolyn Cole / Los Angeles Times)

Consider an ADU, also known as an additional dwelling unit, if you want to expand your house. These homes may provide you with more significant living space as well as areas that may be used as libraries or gyms. Because they may serve so many various functions, the décor options for an ADU are virtually limitless! This may be your room to let your imagination run wild because it is less intimidating to design than your residential house.

Whatever you decide, there are a few items that many other ADU owners pick once their building is finished. As you read, you will pick up some ideas to help you plan out your vision. When you’ve chosen your choice, you may work with Acton ADU to make it a reality. They are the most well-known builders to help you create an ADU in California, and they can be trusted for decades. They can handle any concept, no matter how big or little, with the help of a competent design team.

Chairs That Provide Both Support and Comfort

It makes no difference where you are or what you are doing. It is necessary to have a seat. A comfortable seat may be even more vital. Additional seating is required to reduce discomfort, which might make it difficult to focus or enjoy your visit to a location.

Because you will almost definitely have visitors staying in your ADU, you must provide enough furnishings. How can your buddies have a good time if they can’t relax? Examine the chairs and couches in your home. Evaluate whether any of these would be appropriate for your ADU.

Consider seats such as beanbag chairs or soft saucer chairs for a more comfortable atmosphere. This helps individuals to relax and unwind. Even better, if you like to study or read in this area, you’ll have a warm location to cuddle up in!

System for Entertainment

You want your ADU to be as enjoyable as your main home! Many people believe that this entails adding high-tech equipment, the most common of which is a television. This equipment may be useful for whatever reason you want to use your gadget. It may provide an excellent source of background noise while watching your favorite show.

You may get a couple of game consoles to go along with your television so that you can challenge your family to some friendly rivalry whenever they come over. This is the greatest time if you have company and the weather is either too chilly or too wet.

If you want to avoid watching television, you may still listen to music without being distracted by visuals by purchasing a sound system. You may listen to anything from your favorite music to white noise if it helps you stay in the zone.

All of this implies that you’ll want high-quality internet and cable services. Inquire with your existing provider about the cost of including your ADU in your current plan. If it appears to be overpriced, shop around with others to get the greatest value that meets both your demands and your budget.

Cabinetry and Refrigeration

Even if your ADU is only a place to sleep, you need to make sure there is food available! You never know when you’ll feel hungry or thirsty when you’re indoors. You may install a small fridge or a full-size refrigerator with freezer capacity, depending on the size of your flat.

You might have a snack cabinet built into your ADU, or you could buy normal, moveable cabinets. Consider including a tiny nook for equipment like a toaster, microwave, or coffee station.

If there is still room, talk to your builders about adding a full kitchenette or island to make your area feel more like a small house rather than a packed house. Go online if you want to get ideas from other ADUs.

Accessories With a Certain Purpose

What is the purpose of your ADU? With this in mind, consider the following options:

  • Workout equipment, a shower area, towel or clothing storage, and other facilities are available in a home gym.
  • Bookshelves, workstations, and blankets in the home library
  • Desks, PCs or laptops, and file cabinets for the home office

Make sure your space contains a bedroom and a bathroom if you want to utilize them for home purposes. Carefully consider how much space you have available before making this your default choice. If your ADU is small, you should utilize it for small gatherings rather than as a guest home.

Constructing Your California ADU

When you’ve come up with some decorating ideas, it’s time to think about the actual construction procedure. It would be beneficial if you never hired a contractor at random. You want to work with someone who is well-prepared, insured and has enough expertise to put your mind at ease. Acton ADU serves approximately 40 California communities.

You should expect the following procedures while working with Acton ADU on your new unit:

  • They will meet with you as you make your arrangements to explain the legality of ADUs in your location. This provides frequent training in order to adjust the layout of objects.
  • Their experts will present you with a variety of floor layouts as well as other specific suggestions to assist you. Along with the goods described above, they help you think about colors, styles, and other interior design characteristics. Don’t be concerned. They will assist you while keeping your demands and budget in mind.
  • Finally, it will be time to start building. They will provide you with an event calendar to help you arrange your day. They will also give you an estimate of the cost and materials needed. Everything will be ready to go after a team meeting.

Their staff works hard to earn your confidence and surpass your expectations. They are among the most forward-thinking contractors in the industry, thoroughly aware of California’s ADU rules. This implies there will be no snags along the way. Visit www.actonadu.com to understand how they can assist you and to learn more about ADU legislation in your area.

ADUs may be almost whatever you want them to be. Your new apartment will stand out from the crowd with a few conventional appliances and your own personal touch. Let Acton ADU assist you with your first steps!